Sunday, May 30, 2010

my lovely ipoh

im still having my semester, but due to the public holiday , my mind asked me to go back to ipoh.

reached ipoh on 28/5 around 1am
had my f2 gathering at night, sushi east.
cheap and nice japanese food..
had a nice , marvellous chat with friends.
"they said ipoh people's chinese suckz..."
"but we can speak cantonese and chinese in the same time!!"

chat about our uni, our lives, bla bla bla...

i hate ktm! due to train ticket on sunday ald sold out, i have to buy saturday ticket.
i have to rush back to dead cyberjaya at 6pm 29/5.

being asked why not take bus instead,
because bus station has been moved to far far away in bukit jalil.. what a stupid decision for moving there..

anyway, fortunately catch up with my primary super nice friends.
we met up at jusco. the only place we can hang out.
chit chat, sing k, camwhore...

cute right? vin sern,future him!

sze ann,studying in singapore

pui yean,studying in kl n kar tjin, working with sxxx company

yen yin, working happily

py,yy, xinyi, working ,sa

sing k

i was on the way back to kl...

p/s cant wait for my sem break!!


  1. its so sad that jusco is the only place to hang out...

  2. now there is burger king in ipoh..wooo


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