Tuesday, May 18, 2010

today is not a bad day, but ain't good

woke up in the morning,
ran to the bus stop and luckily got into the bus.
attend the architecture drawing class,
did some drawing and wasted most of the time.
follow my best bitch to wing's cafe( kind of starbuck by LUCT),
did nothing but wasting time looking at the people around, lol.
had burger as my lunch.

went to the design class, and did nothing again.
it was a tutorial but i have nothing to show.
raining cats and dogs.
hate this.
because we planned to watch movie to relax ourselves and put everything aside .
its 3 persons plan and end up with alot.
its ok. but problems happened when different opinions from bunch of people.

bla bla bla...

until we reached alamanda ( only shopping mall in putrajaya)
the movie that we wana watch is at 9something, its too late for some.
so end up with dinner at nando's

its ok for me. but from coping stress to gaining stress is aint good.

anyway, must be happy because whether happy or sad , we must get thru our lives.

p/s wana go back ipoh T.T


  1. ooi go alamanda dun find me lar... i am 10 minutes from alamanda only..!!! sem u tak baik!

  2. reali....but act not so near 2 me...but if got car jao easy...


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