Thursday, May 6, 2010

i cried

suppose 2 say these few weeks are suckz.
everything came 2 me n stressed me up.
i cant find anyone 2 speak n spread out my feelings,
stress became bigger n bigger until yesterday something happened.
its like a boom, a big big boom and explode with a fire.
assignments like tons of rubbish that we produce everyday.
i dont know what 2 do.

its not a miracle 2 have millions of friends.
i thought i found that person who is stand with me when millions against me, and now im not sure.
i treat him as my brother, best bitch in my uni life.
And i dont know am i right 2 do so.

she is not i like the most.
but suddenly i found out i start missing her , with feelings on her.
i spoke out n she said she treat me as usual, like brother.

Assignments, friendship, relationship are bothering me.
im down n upset.
And i cried.


  1. sem dun worry har... u got a lot of back up here...
    we are all here for u.... =) i miss u my fren..

  2. sem addoil!! i'll dig byk byk funny video share with you =) ss cum ngong wif u !!


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