Monday, June 28, 2010


i found something interesting from some1's blog

HE TEXT- haha
HE MEANS- he doesnt have anything else to say,and he wants to end the conversation.dont bother responding until u hear from him again.


p/s: im in melacca, hopefully its fun

Sunday, June 27, 2010

25th june 2010

its my birthday.
its 1 year aniversary of MJ 's death
its date of korea war back in 1960

its the worst birthday i have ever.
slept for 4 hours for 2 days
had a agrue in the print shop in LKW
it spoilt my mood on my birthday
i have been waiting for more than 2 hours for printing and they kept printing their stuffs
okay fine, i took 2 printed boards n left n im not goin 2 pay unless they come to apologize.

n the worst thing is i missed the presentation that i really care about it.
lecturers are dissapointed because of my absence.

exhausted. no mood. no celebration. slept

anyway, received 100++ wishes in fb, sms, n calls
so warm.. thx guys

will update my ipoh "trip"

Sunday, June 20, 2010

important ways for doing presentation board

this post is related to architecture.

ways for doing presentation boards:

1. No background colour, preferably white, be plain because our focus is not on the striking background but rather on the content.

2. Use of less than 3 types of fonts, try to avoid using too many different sizes of words too to make it more formal, use fonts that are suitable (no curvy and must be easy to be understood).

3. Content (always begin with key plan to site plan and to plan (s) of the structure of your design, then elevations, sections, perspective, axonometric, isometric (sometime)).

4. Include development sketches, people love to read how you develop your idea and transform the first simple draft into final creative design in sketches.

5. Good skills in drawing manually – include rendering, shading and line weight skills to enhance the drawings and to put ‘life’ on your drawings as though it is real. Include the background and site context in drawings too. If you have drawing software and your lecturer asked you to use it, then use it. (if you know too).

6. Present your ideas in short but informative sentences (better in keywords and then you present your own ideas orally), no essays or paragraphs in presentation boards, people don’t love to read long words on boards.

7. Proper and systematic organization and composition of presentation boards, arrange all drawings, ideas (words), pictures, etc in term of its importance in the project.

8. The title should be clear that people will look at it first before going through your boards, remember no fancy colours too.

9. Remember to include your name on the boards too. If the boards are separated, then include your name on each board to show that it is your work. Be proud of your own masterpiece. Usually on bottom right hand corner of the board. It is better to have one long board rather than having separated ones.

10. Satisfy all the requirements set by your lecturers or clients. This is up to the demand of the one who will grade your work.

11. Pictures on the presentation boards should be clear and show clearly the aim of putting the pictures there too. However, pictures should not overwhelmed your overall boards. Drawings and sketches should be scanned into the file with accurate scale and with proper proportion.

12. Use the programme that you are comfortable with, that you know how to use efficiently on it in creating your boards – like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word or Power Point (better to be the latest version, more functions). If you do not know, learn.

13. Never create all of your boards manually, no writing, no pasting, it will ruin it. If it is this way, the boards will look like collages rather than an efficient presentation boards.

14. Include your thinking (abstract) into the boards too, usually alongside with the main points (ideas) that you have stated on the boards. This will put you on top of others.

15. Provide some empty space to ‘free’ your boards. It is no good to have a board full of words, pictures, sketches, drawings squeezed together. If the lecturer limit you to certain number of boards, you can actually exceeds by one or two more, but don’t need to be too much. Remember, don’t include rubbish (non-related stuff) into your precious boards.

16. Neatness is important. After you have done your board and printed it out, do not fold them, put them in plastic folder and keep it safe till the day of submission. It is your valuable work, once destroyed, have to print again and waste money again.

17. Do not do your board at last minute work. It will totally ended up having a bad presentation boards. Try to manage your time, maybe today you will be doing on this part of boards, the other day on the others, and few more extra days for you to touch up and finalize your boards.

18. Be creative. This is the most important criteria for an architect. Try to show your creativity through the boards too, if you can. Remember, if you think you can, then you can!

19. Show which boards should come first if all your boards are separated – like Sheet One, Two, Three, …… Usually at bottom left hand corner of the boards. This will not confused your lecturers or clients as they are having look at these.

20. Try to communicate to the others (lecturers or clients or even friends) through the boards. Sound hard to get what I mean? This you have to think yourself. Your boards must attracts attention to all people (not through its striking colour, but through its content).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

archustic workshop in ukm

chosen to participate for sound installation competition at last minute
2days for preparing- started to work in workshop
felt like being carpenter more than architect.
work in campus until 3something in the morning but just finished the frame work
back and pack our stuffs

reached school at 9 n started to prepare everything for the workshop in ukm

reached ukm. 6 of us from Bachelor of Sci(Architecture studies) year 1 for installation .
proud for representing our uni- LUCT
work n work...
under the sun.....
until night.....dint sleep... slept 2 hours for 2 days..T.T
a lot of mosquitoes ...
and finally our installation art.
when u stepped on the platform..u can heard sounds .
Thank you for the lecturers, seniors, and all representives from LUCT!!
our uni exhibition booth, disappointing us... because lack of time, AS year 2 students only have few days to prepare.
but our uni models are incomparable ..

food that prepared for us are really disappointed.
not nice i think is ok, but the portion is too little and its limited.
N i found out that lots of students there cannot speak english and even cant understand.

and they dun even care about the international students.
keep speaking malay during events..swt

so at last we ordered pizza hut !! omg felt like in heaven

tired for walking from the hall to hostel(fxxking far and need to climb)..exhausted for doing the installation.. lack of sleep...

preparing for cheering!!


1 of our performers. she is awesome.

"L Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu C T!!!"

"u see got chick!!" taken by official photographer

with the performance group, u all are awesome!!

group photo

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

we knew our booth cant win any award and quite confident about the installation
but unlucky the judges dint choose us. quite unhappy because they hav chosen UM.
their installation totally unrelated or fulfil to the requirements..

our performance quite smooth n nice
and we won a funny prize- BEST participation award!!

6 of us left earlier because of the exam on next day.
not a sweet camp but its memorable..miss!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There was a blind girl who hated herself because she was blind.
She hated everyone, except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her.
One day, she told him, "If I could only see you and the world, I would marry you.'''
One day, some one donated a pair of eyes for her.
When the bandages came off, she was able to see everything, including her boyfriend.
He asked her, "now that you can see me and the world, will you marry me?"
The girl looked at her boyfriend, and saw that he was blind.
The sight of his closed eyelids shocked her. She hadn't expected him to be blind.
The thought of looking at his closed eyes for the rest of her life led her to refuse to marry him.
Her boyfriend left in tears and days later wrote her a note saying,
"Take good care of your eyes, my dear, for before they were Yours, they were Mine.

Life is a Gift.

Before you say an unkind word - think of someone who can't speak.
Before you complain about food - think of someone who has nothing to eat.
Before you complain about your husband/wife - think of someone who is lonely.
Before you complain about life - think of someone who is no longer alive.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

to be kind or not to be?

sometime im wondering, is it nice to be so kind to someone or even everyone.

i used to be kind to everyone since no one harm me.
but sometime you really care about them but they dont even appreciate it.

i just dont know. mayb im still kid? (naive)

anyway just do my best.

* auto cad rendering. i love the pic ,taken during cny at my house in ipoh.

Monday, June 7, 2010


1st so called model...spent alot...rm200
worst model we have done,windows. 6 of us came out with this cheap stuff.. everyone is lazy, someone even dint appear during group meeting.
best model we have done. exhibition kiosk
model for science. nice

some models i have model thru this sem

this is what i have done for the auto cad. rendering
its not the final yet, but i have to improve and the submission is on thrusday.
busy with assignments , exams, some camp and comp on this coming saturday.


Friday, June 4, 2010







Wednesday, June 2, 2010


busy period. exam. submission of assignments.

submitted my working model for design class.
worked for it until 3am..T.T

had a nice chat with my bitch, we were talking about our families.
touched .

later asked for joining the sudanese culture night
afrah from yemen n i from malaysia
sudanese (forgot her name) and wehad from iraq

the party is so so..but the music is interesting.
it was 9something, 3 of us are hungry so we left.
head to new pizza hut in cyberjaya.
n i will never never visit again.
food suckz
pizza was not well baked, still white in colour n its like rubber.
no cheese at all.
i promised myself before not to visit pizza hut because some issues related to races, but we have no choice, ended up with unhappy dinner there..

wehad n samer from iraq =)
the bitch i mentioned..


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