Thursday, June 17, 2010

archustic workshop in ukm

chosen to participate for sound installation competition at last minute
2days for preparing- started to work in workshop
felt like being carpenter more than architect.
work in campus until 3something in the morning but just finished the frame work
back and pack our stuffs

reached school at 9 n started to prepare everything for the workshop in ukm

reached ukm. 6 of us from Bachelor of Sci(Architecture studies) year 1 for installation .
proud for representing our uni- LUCT
work n work...
under the sun.....
until night.....dint sleep... slept 2 hours for 2 days..T.T
a lot of mosquitoes ...
and finally our installation art.
when u stepped on the platform..u can heard sounds .
Thank you for the lecturers, seniors, and all representives from LUCT!!
our uni exhibition booth, disappointing us... because lack of time, AS year 2 students only have few days to prepare.
but our uni models are incomparable ..

food that prepared for us are really disappointed.
not nice i think is ok, but the portion is too little and its limited.
N i found out that lots of students there cannot speak english and even cant understand.

and they dun even care about the international students.
keep speaking malay during events..swt

so at last we ordered pizza hut !! omg felt like in heaven

tired for walking from the hall to hostel(fxxking far and need to climb)..exhausted for doing the installation.. lack of sleep...

preparing for cheering!!


1 of our performers. she is awesome.

"L Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu C T!!!"

"u see got chick!!" taken by official photographer

with the performance group, u all are awesome!!

group photo

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology

we knew our booth cant win any award and quite confident about the installation
but unlucky the judges dint choose us. quite unhappy because they hav chosen UM.
their installation totally unrelated or fulfil to the requirements..

our performance quite smooth n nice
and we won a funny prize- BEST participation award!!

6 of us left earlier because of the exam on next day.
not a sweet camp but its memorable..miss!!


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