Wednesday, June 2, 2010


busy period. exam. submission of assignments.

submitted my working model for design class.
worked for it until 3am..T.T

had a nice chat with my bitch, we were talking about our families.
touched .

later asked for joining the sudanese culture night
afrah from yemen n i from malaysia
sudanese (forgot her name) and wehad from iraq

the party is so so..but the music is interesting.
it was 9something, 3 of us are hungry so we left.
head to new pizza hut in cyberjaya.
n i will never never visit again.
food suckz
pizza was not well baked, still white in colour n its like rubber.
no cheese at all.
i promised myself before not to visit pizza hut because some issues related to races, but we have no choice, ended up with unhappy dinner there..

wehad n samer from iraq =)
the bitch i mentioned..


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