Saturday, September 24, 2011

more than a team

watched this movie just now, because i couldnt sleep.

its a documentary, about NBA star- lebron james. and his frens started playing basketball since highschool.
a team must work as team, lead by a mentor!
i really like this movie.

" catch your dream " " play hard , play smart"

later on, went for jogging...

and i cooked myself breakfast!
eggs+cheese, bacon, vege+cheese


im sleepy now.. xD


vote for your future, your family, your children, your country.

register as voter, come out and vote during election.

p/s: recently this video is banned by MCMC (malaysia communication and multimedia commission ) with such a ridiculous reason!!

p/s: someone scare voter coming out to vote??

Friday, September 23, 2011

meaning behind the joke.

Voter: If you're no good, I won't vote you

BN: Don't worry, We won't let this happen!

Voter: Do I have absolute people's right to freedom?

BN: Of cause, that's for sure!

Voter: Will you make arbitrary price hikes?

BN: Impossible, Who told you that?

Voter: Still have subsidy?

BN: Thats our clear provision!

Voter: Will I still facing price hikes?

BN: No, depends on situation.

Voter: Still have welfare?

BN: Of cause!

Voter: Will all price hikes absorb by people?

BN: How could it be possible, BN goverment here!

Voter: If we need changes, will BN coordinate with us?

BN: No doubt about it, Thats our survival mechanism!

Voter: Are you lying to me?

( Once BN Won... Read It Upward.)


Thursday, September 22, 2011

fxxk face

taken in 6am, preparing my exam.

studying , bored.

this thing made my normal face to those fxxk faces above. a small project based on crystal theme, got b- :(( ....ahhhh now doing the final project , its tough...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


this blog is dusty.
its time to clean the dust, add some posts.

recently living like hell,
sleepy when im working, insomnia when its time to sleep.
no proper breakfast/lunch/dinner.
now im confused what time for taking meals.

here some photos taken in cameron highlands.

Friday, September 16, 2011

ipoh cityscape

ipoh. my hometown. lovely.


old shoplots. five foot walkway.

medan ipoh. (new city)
unique architecture.

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