Friday, September 23, 2011

meaning behind the joke.

Voter: If you're no good, I won't vote you

BN: Don't worry, We won't let this happen!

Voter: Do I have absolute people's right to freedom?

BN: Of cause, that's for sure!

Voter: Will you make arbitrary price hikes?

BN: Impossible, Who told you that?

Voter: Still have subsidy?

BN: Thats our clear provision!

Voter: Will I still facing price hikes?

BN: No, depends on situation.

Voter: Still have welfare?

BN: Of cause!

Voter: Will all price hikes absorb by people?

BN: How could it be possible, BN goverment here!

Voter: If we need changes, will BN coordinate with us?

BN: No doubt about it, Thats our survival mechanism!

Voter: Are you lying to me?

( Once BN Won... Read It Upward.)


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