Thursday, October 21, 2010

friend forever?


no friend no life.

i do agree this phrase.
but sometime ' friend ' really appear in life?

mayb the friends u met during highschool or even childhood are the best one.
but in the real society like working or even in university,
friendship sometime is formed according to the benefit or some purposes?
i really doubt of it.

those who reading this,
please be true to your friends,
and appreciate the true friendship.

Friday, October 15, 2010

site visit tp PICC

we went to PICC couple of weeks ago for history and culture class...about malaysia architecture.
PICC , Putrajaya International Convention Centre

nice view, from interior.
fantastic. going to heaven...
putrajaya.. bro n i.
three of us... me , wehad n samer.
with bro inside Plenary hall
michael jackson
karim rashi
bruce lee

actually those name are our clients, design assignment...retreat house for them...

wee...full with assignments.......

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Phuket day 4 and last day

sorry. being emo for days.
finally i have the mood to post the photos.

Day 4
phi phi island for snorkelling...



crystal clear

fish eye effect

with lovely mum

be prepared.....

hot guy!~
hot chicks!~

i miss phuket.......

gonna visit phuket again....

went back 2 msia next day. ntg much 2 post for the last day since i got sick at the last day LOL

p/s kind of emo-ing recently...
alot things 2 speak out.............

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