Monday, August 30, 2010

happy independent day

happy independent day to all malaysians.
hari merdeka!
31 august 1957 got independent from british colonization.
16 september 1963 Malaysia was born.

instead of saying happy birthday to malaysia, happy independent day is more suitable.
50 over years, yet still a lot of issues like corruption, racist problems, political issues...

well, my wish is malaysia is a truly harmony country.
my definition of harmony included a lot things.....
and a reminder to the politicians and recent government, do not make country= government=political party, people's money=your money, multiracial country=1 race country...

register as voter, love our country.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


@usj 19
my bro condo.

just abit moody recently...
1 thing really bother me is the global classroom in london organized by my uni
rm10k for 4 weeks, in conjunction with london design week
yet, its a great opportunity to go london.
problem is rm10k really a big amount for my family

must earn more money in the future.

Friday, August 27, 2010


这一间屋子 如此密闭
我 渐渐失去知觉
你 飞到天的边缘
一个我 需要梦想 需要方向 需要眼泪
更需要 一个人来 点亮天的黑
我已经 无能为力 无法抗拒 无路可退
这无声的夜 现在的我 需要人陪
闭上眼睛 就看不清
这双人床 欠缺的 温馨
谁能 陪我 直到天明
穿透这片 迷蒙寂静
我 渐渐失去知觉
你 飞到天的边缘
一个我 需要梦想 需要方向 需要眼泪
更需要 一个人来 点亮天的黑
我已经 无能为力 无法抗拒 无路可退
这无声的夜 现在的我 需要人陪
一个我 需要梦想 需要方向 需要眼泪
更需要 一个人来 点亮天的黑
我已经 无能为力 无法抗拒 无路可退
这无声的夜 现在的我 需要人陪

p/s: my feeling.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


finally , weekend .
tiring and stressed period is started.
tons of assignments.

have to escape and go out from this dull atmosphere.
dated out by tjin, to bukit bintang.
first in berjaya time square.
reached early, went to border bookshop, bought myself a book. cost me rm75 T.T
then wait and wait.....
had lunch in sushi king. more than 6 months never go sushi king.

my food, unagi bento, rm19.9
tjin's food, spicy chicken. rm16.9

5%gov tax n 10% serv tax. thx for tjin's voucher .

saw my desperately-wanted-dslr-D90, rm3888...T.T

then we just left to sungei wang since i hate bts so much.

we saw fish leong!
promoting the charity concert.

later on we went to pavilion, better atmosphere, less people but still crowded.
went shopping, bought myself 2 clothes. wallet is bleeding now..cant stand, since its on sale.
well, tjin is kissing his cardigan ...
saw a pair of shoes from pull and bear. rm270++, haiz better forget bout it.

saw frens, tet quin, alex yan and his gf phooi ling.. nice.
next time have to try snowflakes, strongly recommended by the couple.

tried this, erm too strong at first and later on started loving it... anyway next month or next next month , no budget.

left and walk along to klcc.
looking at the gorgeous twin tower silently.

tired. feeling like bones in pieces.

Friday, August 20, 2010

friend forever





copy from facebook, Cy wong

remember friend forever .

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i cooked noodle with ikan bilis soup and sliced pork
made salad, orange, cucumber, strawberry, tomato, raisin, lemon juice, salt...

bored with outside food. especially in cyberia..
raining whole day..
sicked yesterday, slept alot , still tired...

wee, love myself more..

Monday, August 16, 2010

love life

no matter how people treat you, comment on you,
important thing is just treat yourself better, be yourself, go on with happiness.

dun forget your parents n family.
somehow, friendship is never ever be neglect, appreciate every moment.

love life.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

ipoh by ETS

went back to ipoh, since nothing much to do during weekend.

tried the new launch ETS, electric train set.
rm30, abit pricey..
as usual, ticketing is terrible.
ticket counter are full with people and only 2 counters are opened for purchasing ticket.


brand new train set.
made in korea. nice. but soon they goin to buy made in china...==
i dun like this colour.
with lcd.


good- all workers are friendly, kind, helpful. pls maintain .save time. clean. not tat noisy.
bad- ticketing counters have to improve much.

quite punctual, 11.17pm reached ipoh station as stated at the ticket.

sweets from bitch bought form syria..
nice!! must try. i love the first 1 the most.
thankz bitchy bro

back to cyberjaya.
took ETS again, save time
rm31 , bandar tasik selatan station, then i took klia transit to putrajaya and bus to cyberjaya.

ipoh railway station. left - ETS, right - old intercity train.

this time, the train stop few times. delay more than 10 minutes. haiz.

ok must try ETS, since the ticket now is on promotion price.
soon they will increase the price until rm50.

they should lower the price instead to encourage more ppl to take train.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

modern vs traditional

site visit for malaysian architecture

went klcc. the place with the modern architecture, contemporary architecture of malaysia.

of course our twin towers, highest twin towers in the world.

and....some irrelevant pics
khalid :l
bitch! lolz

after that we went to pasar seni and petaling street area for traditional architecture.

a bit sad when saw a lot heritage buildings are demolished or being destroyed.
should have rules or codes to protect these buildings.
building maintenance is always an issue in malaysia.
best example, current parliament house .

p/s: cooked soup with noodles...nice.. bored with outside food.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

tiring sunday

recently addicted to the new song , love the way you lie, by rihanna feat eminem
its awesome. must listen. 50 times yesterday..

2day went kl with the bitch..
to visit a exhibition by UCSI ,school of architecture, in central market.
its nice. some nice models and photos. LUCT should brings exhibitions to gallery in kl.

by the way, have to complain that the public transportation system is suck to the max, again and again...(as an architecture student, quite sensitive to the urban
during the peak hour, just a 2 coaches train came..and its not frequent..suckzzz
its embarrassing when there are lots of tourists showing their :( face.

after visited the exhibition, we headed to low yat plaze by walking!!
its tiring...on the way, we past through petating street..omg..pirates cd, bags, watched, perfumes... "no eye see"
we also chat bout the issus of historical buildings being demolished..sad

after that we went back to kl sentral..again..have to complain..dono why government built such kind of transport system, monorail!!! wtf they dono how 2 calculate the number of ppl in kl>?
built a monorail to serve the huge population... i knew the owner of themonorail builder's company is former pm 's son..thats why..

fine. i also did something happy...tat is bought myself a bag from seed.. woo
after walking from klcc to pavilion..dono why..2day everywhere is full of ppl..crowded from mall to mall. so scary.

last thing, im registered voter!, just registered at klcc..happy!! once u are 21, pls register as voter, a responsible malaysian.

exhausted rite now....

p/s i discovered 1 thing, actually we can use our identity card to topup credit and use as touch n go.wee...check ur identity card, behind has a touch n go the money for buying a new card.

Friday, August 6, 2010


seriously ,im bored right now.
what to do?

my friend told me, "go date a girl la..."

ok, fine.
i always heard this from friends, i know im still single and available..for 21 years..omg, yet wtf..

likes someone is so easy, love someone is still easy, but love someone who loves you is not easy.
for me, start a relationship is hard.
i always emphasize on a forever relationship or forever partner.. and this make me so hard to take the first step to start a relationship..
i would like to be like my parents who started the first love and still loving each other until now..
haha..sounds so naive..
im serious towards my relationship. or u can say im not brave enough.
but im scare to hurt someone and myself or something sad happen..

i know when the time is right, my lover will be with me.
wish me luck, hope this time will be just around.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

questions in my mind

black listed japanese restaurant, dun ever go visit this restaurant.

its located at berjaya time square.

unfortunately, we picked this for our lunch.

its empty that time coz its stil early, around 11am..
the interior is suckz, as u can see from the pic.
lack of maintanance,
the service is suckz..since the workers are foreigners..
the employer should teach them how to serve, at least.
omg, its hell
this is the common problem in malaysia,
too depends on foreign labours, especially the service sector..
its important, because the visitors from other countries will think that those are malaysians who serve badly..
once again, its government fault..

the food is suckz.
i ordered chicken katsu don..rm17++(5% gov tax, 5%ser tax, have walk to another shop 2 pay, so why i have to pay the service tax??)
it came with normal rice with fried chicken and some vege...the chicken is dry, tasteless..
so i cant take it, put my miso sup and pour in it..
1st time ate like this, and never do this again..
fuck..its terrible meal ever...

so, i have to share to you all, and boycott this kind of restaurant, irresponsible.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

1st day for sem 3

holiday ended.
1st day of school
full of students from all around the world..

happy to see all my frens, classmates are fine
met the bitch, he is fine.. and he said : again same class with this guy (me), can i change...
shit him..

ok, time table as usual, packed..n not finalize yet..
sit at plaza, saw hot gals around..
saw a fucking hot korean gal... omg.. was burning me tat time...fxxking HOT

ok. calm down...
did something good- helping people..
mayb im too kind..
helped a guy from china, to find his class and timetable..
notice that english is important and chinese as well...
secondly, help a malay guy outside the campus to speak to his boss who communicate well with him

im proud to be a malaysian chinese.. who can speak few languages..although are not good enough.

but its kind of awkward when they ask where come from, and i say im malaysian, they thought we migrate to here..or they thought we are malays..
dono what to say..

i have to share one article, about a chinese student who studying in china.

这篇文章是留学北京大学的 何灿浩 写的!!我也是转载!!~他是在中国的人人网(校内)也就是仿facebook上发表的!













































from sunway pyramid to mid valley, the gardens, suria klcc, and berjaya time square, pavilion.
last 3 days, i went to these malls.
definitely, im fxxxing tired.

was hanging out with frens...
after all these window shoppings..i only bought 1 stuff..
there were sales.. unfortunately, all those nice stuffs ald grabbed by ppl.. T.T

anyway i still managed to eat baskin robbins ice cream with cheaper price..wooo

watched inception...awesome.
like it so much.
architects build dreams.

hope for more outings with frens, especially primary and high school frens..
and sales.

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