Tuesday, August 3, 2010

questions in my mind

black listed japanese restaurant, dun ever go visit this restaurant.

its located at berjaya time square.

unfortunately, we picked this for our lunch.

its empty that time coz its stil early, around 11am..
the interior is suckz, as u can see from the pic.
lack of maintanance,
the service is suckz..since the workers are foreigners..
the employer should teach them how to serve, at least.
omg, its hell
this is the common problem in malaysia,
too depends on foreign labours, especially the service sector..
its important, because the visitors from other countries will think that those are malaysians who serve badly..
once again, its government fault..

the food is suckz.
i ordered chicken katsu don..rm17++(5% gov tax, 5%ser tax, have walk to another shop 2 pay, so why i have to pay the service tax??)
it came with normal rice with fried chicken and some vege...the chicken is dry, tasteless..
so i cant take it, put my miso sup and pour in it..
1st time ate like this, and never do this again..
fuck..its terrible meal ever...

so, i have to share to you all, and boycott this kind of restaurant, irresponsible.


  1. wow, so different!
    last time the foreign workers were so nice in black canyon jusco~~~training needed in deed~~

  2. not, tats y..but at least tasty..
    pasar malam food cheap but nice......
    i cant accept this!! this restaurant is freaking scary...


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