Friday, August 6, 2010


seriously ,im bored right now.
what to do?

my friend told me, "go date a girl la..."

ok, fine.
i always heard this from friends, i know im still single and available..for 21 years..omg, yet wtf..

likes someone is so easy, love someone is still easy, but love someone who loves you is not easy.
for me, start a relationship is hard.
i always emphasize on a forever relationship or forever partner.. and this make me so hard to take the first step to start a relationship..
i would like to be like my parents who started the first love and still loving each other until now..
haha..sounds so naive..
im serious towards my relationship. or u can say im not brave enough.
but im scare to hurt someone and myself or something sad happen..

i know when the time is right, my lover will be with me.
wish me luck, hope this time will be just around.

1 comment:

  1. ush ush jia you my dear fren!!!wish u find the other half soon...hehe^^


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