Sunday, August 15, 2010

ipoh by ETS

went back to ipoh, since nothing much to do during weekend.

tried the new launch ETS, electric train set.
rm30, abit pricey..
as usual, ticketing is terrible.
ticket counter are full with people and only 2 counters are opened for purchasing ticket.


brand new train set.
made in korea. nice. but soon they goin to buy made in china...==
i dun like this colour.
with lcd.


good- all workers are friendly, kind, helpful. pls maintain .save time. clean. not tat noisy.
bad- ticketing counters have to improve much.

quite punctual, 11.17pm reached ipoh station as stated at the ticket.

sweets from bitch bought form syria..
nice!! must try. i love the first 1 the most.
thankz bitchy bro

back to cyberjaya.
took ETS again, save time
rm31 , bandar tasik selatan station, then i took klia transit to putrajaya and bus to cyberjaya.

ipoh railway station. left - ETS, right - old intercity train.

this time, the train stop few times. delay more than 10 minutes. haiz.

ok must try ETS, since the ticket now is on promotion price.
soon they will increase the price until rm50.

they should lower the price instead to encourage more ppl to take train.

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