Sunday, August 8, 2010

tiring sunday

recently addicted to the new song , love the way you lie, by rihanna feat eminem
its awesome. must listen. 50 times yesterday..

2day went kl with the bitch..
to visit a exhibition by UCSI ,school of architecture, in central market.
its nice. some nice models and photos. LUCT should brings exhibitions to gallery in kl.

by the way, have to complain that the public transportation system is suck to the max, again and again...(as an architecture student, quite sensitive to the urban
during the peak hour, just a 2 coaches train came..and its not frequent..suckzzz
its embarrassing when there are lots of tourists showing their :( face.

after visited the exhibition, we headed to low yat plaze by walking!!
its tiring...on the way, we past through petating street..omg..pirates cd, bags, watched, perfumes... "no eye see"
we also chat bout the issus of historical buildings being demolished..sad

after that we went back to kl sentral..again..have to complain..dono why government built such kind of transport system, monorail!!! wtf they dono how 2 calculate the number of ppl in kl>?
built a monorail to serve the huge population... i knew the owner of themonorail builder's company is former pm 's son..thats why..

fine. i also did something happy...tat is bought myself a bag from seed.. woo
after walking from klcc to pavilion..dono why..2day everywhere is full of ppl..crowded from mall to mall. so scary.

last thing, im registered voter!, just registered at klcc..happy!! once u are 21, pls register as voter, a responsible malaysian.

exhausted rite now....

p/s i discovered 1 thing, actually we can use our identity card to topup credit and use as touch n go.wee...check ur identity card, behind has a touch n go the money for buying a new card.


  1. yes!! stongly agree with you about the tranport system!!

  2. LMAO. with the bitch again. did he read ur blog?

  3. yeesan: yeah!
    gac: dun think so..

  4. bitch ur head. 1st time i hav seen this hahahaha,quite funny. :p


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