Wednesday, June 9, 2010

to be kind or not to be?

sometime im wondering, is it nice to be so kind to someone or even everyone.

i used to be kind to everyone since no one harm me.
but sometime you really care about them but they dont even appreciate it.

i just dont know. mayb im still kid? (naive)

anyway just do my best.

* auto cad rendering. i love the pic ,taken during cny at my house in ipoh.


  1. agree agree. to be kind of not to be kind? =(

  2. Had the same thought
    my conclusion of a few days of thinking is:
    only give your whole heart to those that are worth caring for
    eg family and best best friends
    and for those friends who don't know the word 'appreciate',
    just let them do what they wanna do
    give them lesser time and just half of your true heart
    I have friends who only find me when there're good things, and when I were in trouble they were nowhere to be seen
    Now I won't be sad anymore and won't waste time on them
    cuz they let me know who my true friends are

  3. Well, i think we can be kind to some1 who is really kind to us.

    I think you know geh~~~huiyo, nice pic, aiyo, i feel like learning autocad leh~~~ difficult ?


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