Sunday, May 23, 2010

unwanted history.

i have to say, believe it or not?

suppose to be in ipoh from 22nd til 23rd , going back without early planning.
wish to go back to ipoh because i miss my family ,frens and bla bla bla...
actually i have tons of assignments to do but i just wanna escape and go back to recharge my energy

so story starts....

after telling my frens, then back my stuff and went to wait bus to kl..
after 2 hours, finally reached kl sentral, its ald 6pm.
luckily i able to bought 945pm ticket back to ipoh and sunday 9am ticket back to kl, cost me rm44.

felt so happy and took my dinner at mcd.
was waiting and waiting.

finally 930pm, i walked to the toilet, then walked around....

and i only realized opps ald 945pm!!

and i ws so kabe (arabic- stupid), thought that train delay? because stil alot people waiting there..

anyway, those people were waiting for their train to another destination..T.T

i quickly ran to the counter and ask for the next train.. 1130pm..ok i got my wallet and found out not enough money...shit.
ran to withdraw money...insufficient amount...shit!!
ask whether credit card can be used...counter closed........holy shit!!!!

ok...its not my day..mayb god wants me to stay and work on the assignments..

fine called mum.
called my fren, and luckily he was bukit bintang..
went there for help..........

had my supper with them.

kebab with bread

second time have my meal in this iraqi restaurant.
the food is nice, but this time was tasteless to

went to ampang and saw
kl tower in a quiet night.

went for shisha

and accompanied by cold water.

believe it or not...i was so stupid, made a history-missed the train!


have a glimpse on our model.

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