Sunday, July 18, 2010


worked with digi last two days..
thought will be a wonderful job...

but its totally fuck up...

not working as promoter..
but so called 'crew' for the digi live tour
actually means 'da zap', carry stuffs from here to there... collecting rubbish.. help the woman boss to buy drinks...
being tortured by the woman..

this kind of woman is extremely scary!!
once she know you are just standing there, she will think something for you to do
she will come and check what you are doing
her face without smile..
working with this kind of boss will really kill your active cells...

besides, working under the big sun and humid weather,
your skin going to have two colours just like mine..T.T

furthermore(like writing essay ),
food is like... a piece of chicken with curry sauce,
3 meals-----> chicken...

last but not least, salary!!!
only rm50 for 1st day, 11am-6something
rm70 9am-12am.

well, forget about it, earned some experience...
and money...

p/s finally i have eaten durian!!! :)))

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