Sunday, July 4, 2010

crazy trip

unplanned trip after submission.
with 2 bros, by car

went to melacca from cyberjaya in the evening.
reached there around 8something
went for the ride at taming sari tower, boat...
jonker street... had drink and watched football match..
funny thing happen, my bxxxh wana order mango juice
but he ordered fresh mango instead of juice.. LOL

worse thing is i din bring my camera. :'(
worst thing is my camera has no battery!! T.T

so i just managed to take some photos on the next day

as usual A'famosa
nice architecture
sunny day!
old church
nice view from hill top
taken by 1 hongkong aunty(she praised i speak cantonese very well...of course im from ipoh!!)
taken by 1 japanese guy( i thought he is from hongkong and i spoke cantonese to him for asking him to take photos for us but he still said yes... LOL)
me n bodoh
musuem... two bros woth cheng ho

see who i saw?
rickman and some artists from 8tv, were shooting there..
saw me and asked me to buy flags...T.T
my ugly face wil b on tv program soon....T.T
malaysia flag!!!

bodoh and bxxxh with the big wheel...

after that, went shopping...
bought something..
before that we planned to go cameron with 2 more frens, but the trip has been cancelled
suddenly said wan to go penang..

went at 7something
stopped at ipoh for half an hour
went for dinner at mcd, watched a sad match..japan lost..
my house is so near.....but i have to go penang..
reached penang at 3am...

as usual batu feringgi..
and we went to monkey beach for RM100 each..n its nothing interesting except bbq and fishing in the middle of the sea and made me faint !!
spent alot but nothing so impressive

during this trip i have so syok sendiri because i cant understand when they speak arabic..T.T

ok hope for next trip with others...

p/s: i know my way of blogging is kinda boring except those photos..hehe


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