Friday, March 2, 2012

Chinese new year 2012 [ l ]

here some chinese new year photos, its abit late.....hehe


what to do during CNY? lying on the sofa............ :DDDD

fire crackers!!
some old houses in the village... beautiful natural landscapes.
[accompanied mum buy fresh-self-grow-vege from this uncle. cool?]

after rain....coollll

dinner! sis, me, papa, mama <3
'lou sang' !!! must eat/do in CNY

in the same time, my frens aka classmates came to visit me. im so happyyyyyy

mona, mama, wehad, samer.

in my area, they saw this, and asked me to stop by n take photo. LOL.

weird pose.


  1. your father look more leng zai wor~ haha~

  2. ur profile pic here look more leng zai wo!


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