Tuesday, January 18, 2011


this is the first post of the year.
im not busy.
i have no mood in blogging. i dono what is the reason.

kind of emo ,cant sleep, sick
listening 玄彬Hyun Bin -- 那個男人《That man》

2011, is the 22rd year of my life
many things passed through my life in the past 22 years,
now all these became my memories,
just recall these, and its like just happen last few seconds.
family is the one u cant miss it, u have to hold it all the time.
home is always the best place.
alot people i have met in these years,
some became ur friends, some just became part of ur memories,
some u always meet them, some u always chat to,
some u always think about them, some u always miss.

i just wish to keep every moment in my mind
and appreciate everything

for love,
the time will come
fate and destiny will take it.

life is short.
dun regret to do anything u wish.

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